Our company takes every precautionary measure (data encoding etc.) so as to secure both the customers’ personal data and their transactions.

Our clients’ personal information is never leaked to any third parties and remains encoded, and thus, non-visible by any unauthorized third parties, during your browsing on our website.

Data encoding applies to every stage and process of your transaction, as well as to your sharing of personal data with; including the cart, the wish list, your personal page as a user, your log in, and the order format during data sharing with the company, etc.

The codes used for your identification are:

i) your log-in code (e-mail or username) and

ii) your Personal Secret Security Code (password), which grant you total and secure access to all your personal data.

You may alter these codes at any time and as often as you wish.

The only individual who has access to your personal data is you through the aforementioned codes, and thus, you are solely responsible for keeping them secret and not revealing them to any third parties.

In case they are either compromised or leaked, you ought to proceed to our prompt notification, otherwise, our company will not be held responsible for the use of your secret code by an unauthorized individual.

For security purposes, we strongly recommend that you change these codes at reasonable time intervals, avoid using permanent and easily breakable codes, and include both numbers and symbols instead of letters exclusively while you create your personal codes.

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